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CLASSEGAMES wants to help anyone who has the desire and motivation to make games learn the skills they need to succeed! So we offer tutoring sessions for our apprentice developers several times each week at a price that everyone should be able to afford!


The tutoring sessions we offer give you a chance to come and work on any tutorials you want to try with a helpful tutor standing by. In fact, our tutor is none other than the owner of CLASSEGAMES, Paul McCarl himself. He has 40 years of programming experience, 23 years of 3D art experience, 5 years of experience with developing in Unity 3D, and 4 years of solving problems in game development for hundreds of high school students every day. Tutorials become much simpler when you can ask a question as soon as you get stuck and find an answer right away. It eliminates frustrations and makes the whole process of learning more enjoyable!


We have a variety of tutorials we offer in programming, 3D art, 2D art, and game development. However, you are not limited to our choices. We can help you with whatever you want to learn. Tackle Unity's tutorials, learn Blender or Sculptris, or even bring in your own game that you are making and get advice and help from an expert. Our tutoring sessions are all about helping you accomplish your dreams!


We now offer tutoring sessions on an ongoing basis. The sessions are two hours long, and we limit the number of students to 12 per session. The form will indicate which sessions have openings, but you may choose a session without openings to be placed on a waiting list for that session and we will contact you as soon as an opening is available.


The fee for the tutoring sessions is $30 for 4 sessions, charged monthly. If there is an extra day in a month the fee will be increased by $7.50 for that month, or you can opt to skip one session that month. If we need to cancel a session in a month, the fee will be reduced by $7.50 for each session cancelled. Likewise, if you sign up mid-month, we will only charge you for the remaining sessions during that month.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for sessions you miss; however, we will reduce the fee for the upcoming month by the value of any sessions you were unable to attend.


Signing up for a tutoring session also qualifies you to participate as an apprentice developer on any of our products we are making (a $10 value).


If you would like more information about the cooperative development aspect of working with us, you should check out our Partner Developer page.


If getting some tutoring from CLASSEGAMES sounds right for you, please fill out our form below.