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CLASSEGAMES is all about giving back to the commuinty. If you are in school and are looking for an opportunity to intern with a working game studio, we have got you covered!


Our intern program is open to anyone who is currently enrolled in a college, university, or bootcamp with a requirement for intern hours. We will work with you to arrange a schedule that fits your program's requirements and also works with your social schedule. One advantage to interning with our company is that we are open in the afternoons, evenings, and on Saturday, which tends to work better for most college students. What's more, we include all of our interns in the cooperative development agreements for the projects they work on, but we pay your fees for participating. That means you earn ownership share as an apprentice developer, at a minimum, and if you can measure up to the demands of being a partner developer, you could secure a hefty piece of a commercial product while you earn the intern hours you need to graduate.


If you would like more information about the cooperative development aspect of working with us, you should check out our Partner Developer page.


If working with CLASSEGAMES sounds right for your intern experience, please fill out our form below.